In the next few weeks the Standing International Conference of Inspectorates (SICI) will be producing the first ever historical overview of the development of school inspection and evaluation across Europe, entitled ‘European School Inspection and Evaluation: History and Principles’.

This important book is being written by Adrian Gray, a former Executive Committee member, and will show that school inspection has been a key factor in the European educational landscape for 200 years. The book will also show how inspection and evaluation approaches have changed and developed, especially over the last fifty years, reflecting changing ideas about school leadership and accountability – and also responding to technical developments like new data and exam systems.
This is an important step for SICI as we seek to grow and extend their influence on best inspection practice. We will be developing a number of conference presentations around the content of the book which will be adapted to the needs of audiences such as policy makers, school leaders and new school inspectors. The content will be of great value for education policy makers and inspectors globally as we see how inspection works in different contexts.
If you are an inspector in one of our member organisations, you can order the print version of the book through your SICI contact or direct from the publisher by providing an email address linked to a SICI member organisation. In this case you will receive a substantial discount of one third from the published price.
To place a direct order please follow this link: