Two translations from the Dutch Inspectorate of Education on the state of Education in the Netherlands 2021 and effective remote teaching and learning

SICI helps all members to learn from each other and broaden our horizons. We are very thankful for the partnership, cooperation and the exchange of information that SICI facilitates. In February the Dutch inspectorate gave a presentation on remote teaching and learning in the Netherlands (by Daniella Nicolaes). They have told you about their research study, which they have now completed and translated. Furthermore they have translated the yearly study on their state of education.

Hereby they would like to share these two translations from the Dutch Inspectorate of Education:


1.               The State of Education in the Netherlands 2021

The Dutch Inspectorate of Education yearly reports about the state of education. In this report you will find a summary that reflects on major developments and aspects of education that are currently in need of improvement. The appeal they are issuing in this years’ State of Education is ‘From repair to renovation’: switch from the proposed repair to a renovation. The government has made additional funding available to address the adverse effects of the pandemic, to tackle the root causes of the decline in basic skills but also to try and make lasting improvements in education.

2.               Effective remote teaching and learning

How effective is remote teaching and learning? This review article describes how to design effective remote teaching and learning. First, it describes six risks of remote teaching and learning. Next, it looks at the components of effective remote lessons and effective approaches at school level. It also describes how schools can involve parents in remote teaching and learning. Research insights set out in this article hold true for all sectors, from primary to higher education. They have visually summarized this information in an infographic. On their website they will soon publish factsheets to give an overview of the most important conclusions regarding remote teaching and learning per sector.


Hopefully these reports will be useful for other SICI members.