Workshop in Prague Cancelled

Due to the spreading of coronavirus and the evolving situation around Covid-19, the Czech government declared a 30-day state of emergency as of 14:00 today.

Consequently, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports decided that all educational workshops, congresses, meetings and conferencess are cancelled untill the mid of June of this year.
„From 11 March 2020 until further notice, service offices may organize events with international participation only when necessary, with a minimum participation of participants from foreign countries. The necessity of organizing an event with international participation shall be confirmed by the relevant Minister in the case of Ministries, in the case of the Office of the Government by the Head of the Office of the Government and in the case of other service offices by their Heads“.
For this reason, the workshop on “Improving the quality of inspection using feedback from school impact” organized by SICI in Prague, planned for the days of 14th and 15th May, has been cancelled. It is currently too soon to discuss the possibility of postponing the date of the workshop.