SICI Webinar on Civic Values and Skills

Sent on behalf of the Executive Committee of SICI and the Dutch Inspectorate of Education

SICI Webinar on

SICI project

‘Supervision of education related to the development of civic values and skills’

MS TEAMS, January 25th 2024 (14.30 – 16.00 GMT+1)
Dear SICI members
In 2021, the Swedish, Scottish and Dutch inspectorates designed a project with a focus on supervision of education related to civic values and skills. With civic values and skills we mean the skills people need to relate to others in society and to the agreed democratic values.  The topic of civic values and skills is relevant to all our respective organizations in these changing times: with polarization in politics and the public debate and with the democratic values of societies under pressure. At the same time, civic values and skills can serve as an opportunity to fully participate and contribute to society.
In this project, we have explored what inspection processes we use to gain insight in results in educating civic values and skills, and how inspectorates can use these results to drive improvement in civic skills. We looked at tools used to assess the development of these values and skills and we exchanged case studies and work experiences to gather more insight in best practices.
To share the results of the project, we would like to invite all SICI members to subscribe for our webinar on January 25th 2024 from 14:30 – 16:00 o’clock (GMT+1) by completing the registration form. During the webinar we will present our findings and there will also be time for questions and discussion.
After you subscribed, you will receive a link to participate in the webinar. Please feel free to forward the invitation to others that might be interested.
We hope to see you on January 25th! Should there be any questions, you can contact Judith Schmidt (
Best wishes,
Fanny Verwoerdt & Judith Schmidt (Dutch inspectorate)
Diana Inal (Swedish inspectorate)
Ann Kivlin & Robert Hynd (Scottish inspectorate)