SICI Webinar - Formative Assessment

Attached you can find all presentations! The webinar was held over Teams.

Formative assessment can be seen as a formula that has been dominating the education rhetoric and dialogue (OECD, UNESCO) for over 20 years. In this webinar, we will take into consideration the formative assessment concept, methods, implications, and practice in digital educational contexts.


Prof. Dr. Friedrich Buchberger, who has been working as the Head of the Department of Comparative Education at Paedagogische Hochschule Linz and the Institute of Educational Science at Karl Franzens University of Graz & Prof.

Dr. Tünde Kovacs-Cerovic, the professor of Educational Psychology and Education Policy at the Belgrade University will give a short presentation that clarifies the main concepts and varieties of formative assessment. The effectiveness of formative assessment will be shown in a critical analysis and the implications for educational policies will be drawn as well.


Janet Looney, the Director of the European Institute of Education and Social Policy-EIESP and Joint Editor in European Journal of Education will present findings of her recent review of literature on how digital formative assessment can be used to enhance teaching and learning in different contexts. The review explores a range of controlled studies on the uses of digital tools, how they have been used to support pedagogical aims, and their impact on learning. Different tools may be used for remote and/or blended learning.



AGENDA (all times in Central European Time)

15.00-15.05 Welcome and opening remarks, SICI Executive Committee

15.05-15.35 Formative assessment: the re-engagement of students and teachers, Prof. Dr. Friedrich Buchberger & Prof. Dr. Tünde Kovacs-Cerovic

15.35-15.45 Questions and discussion            

15.45-15.55 Short break

15.55-16.15 Digital Formative Assessment: A review of the literature, Janet Looney

16.15-16.25 Questions and discussion

16.25-16.30 Thank you and close