SICI Webinar – Quality Management Systems in the Inspectorate in times of pandemic

Attached you can find all presentations! The webinar on ‘Inspectorate’s Quality Management Systems in times of pandemic’ has been organised by the Basque Inspectorate and was held over Zoom.

In these times of pandemic, Inspectorates have come across new challenges and been compelled to adapt their inspection model, to revise their priorities and to focus on the new needs of all stakeholders in a record time. Moreover, inspectors are doing all this with a clear objective: to keep guaranteeing the undeniable right of students to receive quality education in this uncertain new world. Having no precedents and no guides, inspectorates’ sharing of knowledge and professional dialogue are the best tools to face all the challenges and to improve our own education systems.

In this webinar, we will offer you two presentations. The first one will focus on the Quality Management System used by the Basque Country Inspectorate, which has proved to be flexible and able to react to this new context. Two Basque inspectors, Maria Meijide and Arrate Oianguren, will explain, among others, the reasons under the decision of adopting a Quality Management System, its main features, evolution, benefits and unwanted consequences, the changes the pandemic has impelled and the challenges for the future.

In the second presentation, an inspector and a school leader, Ainhoa Baraiaetxaburu and Igone Azpiroz, will present the project “Aurreraka” (“Forward”), an example of the application of an Advanced Management System at school level. This system enables schools to generate a long-term vision and a sense of belonging to a shared project, to define a clear strategy, to be focused on providing added value, to foster a commitment to society-at-large, to innovate in all areas and to deliver satisfactory results for all stakeholders in a sustainable and balanced manner.

At the end of the webinar we will show you a short video related to Vocational Training in the Basque Country.

AGENDA (all times in Central European Time) 

10.00               Welcome and opening remarks, SICI Executive Committee.

10.05               Word of welcome by Basque Education authorities.

10.10               Presentation by the Basque inspectors Maria Meijide and Arrate Oianguren
“Quality Management Systems in the Inspectorate in times of pandemic”

10.30               Questions, remarks and comments on the topic. 

10.40               Short Break 

10.45               Presentation by the Basque inspector, Ainhoa Baraiaetxaburu, and the School Leader, Igone Azpiroz.

“Quality management of schools in time of pandemic.”

11.05               Questions, remarks and comments on the topic.

11.15               Video: Vocational Training in the Basque Country

11.25               Thank you and webinar closure.