The Cyprus Primary Inspector Association has 45 members and according to national legislation, the Primary Education Inspectors:
1. are responsible for the inspection of and providing guidance to primary school teachers and head teachers
2. participate actively in organizing and carrying out educational conferences, seminars and training courses for teaching staff and they undertake administrative duties and/or other special duties, such as coordination, planning and the development of educational programmes, educational research, surveys, exams etc.
According to the Cypriot Educational System overall responsibility for quality assurance rests with the Inspectorates of the Ministry of Education and Culture. The inspectors are responsible for supervising the schools and appraising their teaching staff. They visit schools very often and they guide head teachers and teachers and they organise conferences and seminars in order to train the teaching staff.
Cyprus has a wide range of experience in the evaluation of teachers. While Cyprus has a general framework on social inclusion, the Ministry of Education and Culture, is looking to develop the supervisory and inspectorate system further in order to ensure that it reduces disparities in outcomes for disadvantaged students.
The Inspectorate has to develop practices that support diversity among all learners in order to:
·         Reduce the number of children at risk of remaining illiterate.
·         To promote a common understanding among all stakeholders  that the aim of inclusive education is to eliminate social exclusion that are a consequence of attitudes and responses to diversity in race, social class, ethnicity, religion, gender and ability.
·         Develop tools and mechanisms for the purpose of school evaluation and teacher performance with an emphasis on social inclusion.
·         Carry out programmes of research in order to learn from their experiences