Flemish inspection of education

Website: https://www.onderwijsinspectie.be/

The Inspectorate of education on Flanders is an independent body under direct jurisdiction of the Minister of Education.
Its role is to monitor educational quality and act as a lever for improvement of
educational quality. Under the Decree on the Quality of Education, the tasks of the Inspectorate are to:
• provide advice on which institutions should be given government recognition;
• conduct inspections of institutions;
• carry out any other duty as determined by the Flemish Government.
Every school must be inspected by the Inspectorate to be recognized by the
Flemish government.
The scope of the Inspectorate’s responsibility is nursery, primary, secondary, special, adult and part time artistic education as well as the pupil guidance centres.
In Flanders (Belgium) the M-decree was adopted in March 2014. With this decree, a new legal framework was constructed about the rights of all pupils to participate in mainstream education with the help of reasonable adjustments. Since September 2015 the M-decree in Flanders came into full force. Hereby a substantial number of parents transferred their children from special to regular schools.
The Flemish inspectorate can share expertise in
• innovative practices in developing and applying instruments for controlling and stimulating social inclusion and diversity in schools. These practices are part of the newly developed inspectorate system.
• the methodology and results of thematic inspections on pupil guidance in primary and secondary schools, integrating different aspects of inclusion (June 2017)
• methodology and results of thematic inspections on equal opportunities policies in secondary schools (June 2017).