In 2012 SICI started conducting external audits by member countries, the so called ‘Peer Reviews’. The ‘Peer Reviews’ are meant to be a quality feedback instrument within the cycle of inspectorates’ quality assurance systems. You will find information on how to organize a peer review and examples of the peer review instruments.

List of Peer Reviews and instruments

For other countries and inspectorates being interested in Peer Reviews, here you’ll find a ‘Road Map for Planning Peer Reviews’. Of course we are very much interested to hear about your experiences. Please let us know about these. We wish you lots of success.

Peer Review instrument Flanders – The Netherlands

The first inspectorates (in 2012) were Flanders and The Netherlands Inspectorates of Education, in the field of Special Schools:

  • November 2012 school visits of Dutch inspectors together with Flemish inspectors in Flanders.
  • March 2013 school visits of Flemish inspectors accompanied with Dutch inspectors in the Netherlands.

The focus of the feedback was to all phases of the visit and in this sense it was an complete ‘quality check’. After the visits the inspectors gave their feedback (‘quality check’) to one another in the form of reports about their findings. This feedback session turned out to be very useful and both countries had interesting discussions about how-to-inspect-schools.

Peer Review Germany – The Netherlands

In June 2013 the German Inspectorate (NRW) will REVIEW Dutch inspectors during their school visits. The focus of feedback will be on ‘communication and sensitivity’ of the inspectors. The return visit in Germany is planned for autumn 2013.

For more information you can contact the contact person mentioned in the Inspection Profiles or the contacts of the Inspectorates.