The Bratislava Memorandum is on the Website

SICI is delighted to present the Bratislava Memorandum on Inspection and Innovation. The Memorandum is one result of considerable discussion, debate and sharing of ideas among SICI members over a two-year period, culminating in the SICI Workshop in Bratislava in June 2013, at which the key aspects of the issues were debated and summarised.

The ‘Bratislava Memorandum’ puts forward 10 propositions on the theme of inspection and innovation. It seeks to make a direct contribution to education policy and practice as the drive to improve the quality of education gathers momentum. Its publication might be seen as ‘the end of the beginning’ – not an end in itself but a platform to stimulate further debate and activity.  It constitutes an information paper for members for internal discussions, a source of arguments which can be presented in discussions with others in members’ individual contexts and a reference point for SICI in its contacts with other agencies and organisations.