Inspectorate Profile: Spain

In 1849 a Decree of March 30th created the Primary Schools Teaching Inspectors Corps, it was the origins of the Inspectorate. That Decree divided the Inspectorate into General Inspectors and Regional Inspectors.

In 1978 the Spanish Constitution stated that Spain is composed of 17 Autonomous Communities – well-known ones are Cataluña and Andalucía –and 2 Autonomous Cities –Ceuta and Melilla. Each Autonomous Community encompasses one or more provinces.

Spain is a decentralized country: The Autonomous Community is the first-level political division established. They have wide legislative and executive autonomy. They have their own elected parliaments, governments, public administrations, budgets, and resources. Health and education systems, among others, are managed regionally.

All details are given in the following link and in the sources given there. 


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